Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Classic: Beef Stroganoff

This is one of those soulful dishes that I crave when the weather starts to turn colder.  Hot and delicious this dish will warm your soul!

2 rib eye or filet mignon steaks cut into a large dice
1 1/2 pkgs. of sliced cremini mushrooms
1 sprig fresh thyme
1 shallot, diced
1/2 c. half--n-half
1 c. beef stock
1/2 c. cognac
2 tbl. fresh dill
1 1/2 tbl. dijon mustard
2 tbl. flour
1/2 tsp. paprika
1 lb. egg noodles
olive oil
salt and pepper

In a saute pan over medium heat do a three count of olive oil and heat.  Salt and pepper the meat and brown on all sides being careful not to crowd the pan.  You want to sear the meat not sweat it.  Once the meat is seared, remove from pan and save.

Place pan back on the heat, add shallots, fresh thyme and mushrooms and saute.  Add salt and pepper.  Once the mushrooms have given off about 2 tbl. of water, dust with flour and cook for a minute to get out the flour taste.  Add cognac and stir until incorporated and add beef stock.  Let bubble and remove thyme stem. Add the dijon mustard, paprika, half n half and beef into the pan.  Check for seasoning.

Boil the water and add salt to boiling water.  Cook noodles until al dente and drain.  Add back to pot and add a few tablespoons of butter or olive oil to keep noodles from separating and add salt and pepper to taste. 

At the last moment add the fresh dill to the sauce.

Spoon noodles into a bowl and top with the sauce. 


  1. This is like Mama would make! Honey, you need to have a dinner party, and MAKE sure you invite me....PLEASE! OMG Sinful delites! Comfort food for the soul...and thighs! Delish!

  2. You got it! My cooking isn't nearly as fattening as my mom's. She's uses lots of cream and butter. I lighten it up. you're on for the dinner party!